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3D Presentations/Tours

Let your customers see what they want, when they want. We provide a virtual tour experience of a desired property to showcase. Sneak Peek 3D presentations are online experiences that let owners display their properties using the latest technology.  Each tour includes a captivating dollhouse view and floor-plan presentation with our services. 


As a standard, included with our 3D presentations/tours comes our professional photography. For any desired project, we will include professional grade photography (8 free images), additional images are charged at an exclusive rate. 

Schematic Floor Plans 

Sneak Peek 3D also offers the most bang for your buck! We offer a one-stop shop: professional grade black-and-white floor plans which are quickly and easily available at an affordable rate. 



Sneak PeeK 3D offers a thorough, custom advertising campaign that displays its customers property; home, studio, office, construction project, etc. in a 360 degree walk-in virtual tour format. We help you save time. We offer a virtual reality experience to potential buyers for owners and agents wishing to target a larger audience through a different means of marketing platform; digital marketing. Sneak Peek 3D is the ultimate experience for homebuyers and tourists to move through a property and see it from any desired angle. Our distinct “Dollhouse” view gives homebuyers a complete and unique outlay of the property, ultimately, providing more depth. Our services elevate and evolve our clients' marketing portfolio by utilising a new segment of display advertising; of which is proven to be effective and highly efficient, in turn, generating a larger audience and clientele base. 


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Please feel free to contact us or make any suggestions: we take constructive criticism as an essential building block to further better our services.

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3D Tours and Photography

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